Old Bookmark Manager Not Doing It For You?

Social media is making it easier than ever to share with your friends all of your favorite online content. For many internet users, it is enough to simply be able to share to Facebook any picture, video, or website that peeks their interest. For the heavy internet users, it is often necessary to take bookmarking and sharing a few steps further.

When you find that you need to start bookmarking and sharing hundreds of sites, the standard bookmark toolbar or folder in your browser probably will not cut it. Then it is time for an online bookmark manager. These managers can take many different forms.

Here are some of the top social sites and bookmark managers for sharing or saving the latest meme, lolcat, interesting article, or trending website. Delicious bookmark, Pinterest, Diigo, Pocket, Evernote, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and there are scores more to choose from. Many online managers are built right into browsers, like Bing, Google, or Firefox.

It is important to note that Google also has a separate online bookmark manager, so you can see that there are multiple ways to save bookmarks and manage your online collection of sites and pictures. Bookmark Yahoo services have been upgraded recently to better reflect the growing trend of bookmarks being more accessible and helpful than they were in the past.

When bookmarking first became available, all a bookmark did was save websites for later. These days, internet users hold bookmarking up to higher standards. If you bookmark Yahoo sites, you can expect to be able to do the following things.

1. Search. Never lose a bookmark again because you forgot the name of it.

2. Cache. Save a clip of a page, a whole page, or just the url, the option is now completely up to you. Often you can now choose to view an entire webpage offline.

3. Organize. Bookmarking is more than just folders. You can still use folders of course, but now many systems also use tags. Pinterest works with boards.

4. Access. Sync between computers, or let your information live in the cloud so it does not matter which computer you use.

5. Share. Share via email, instant messaging, or social site, the internet is all about sharing.

Finding the right manager to fit your needs is undoubtedly a challenging feat, since there are so many available and most of them are free. The trick is to try them out and see what you are comfortable using. Perhaps the first step is to decide whether you want to integrate the manager with your browser, such as when you bookmark Yahoo, or if you want a separate application accessible from the cloud. Start there, try out a few different managers, and enjoy!