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  • Want To Share That Bookmark? You Have Options

    How often do you take one of your favorite links and share to Facebook? Maybe you should do it more. Maybe you have not been doing it because you do not realize how much fun it is to share to Facebook. Well, if you read on you will come to that realization, and then you […]

  • Grow Your Business Via Bookmark Sharing

    Prior to the advent of online bookmarks during late 1990s, the only alternative to save bookmarks was through standard browser bookmarks. Of course, the browser style bookmarks with which people are most familiar is the good old Microsoft “Favorites” folders. While these types of bookmarks are handy, the appearance of live bookmarks and social bookmarking […]

  • Old Bookmark Manager Not Doing It For You?

    Social media is making it easier than ever to share with your friends all of your favorite online content. For many internet users, it is enough to simply be able to share to Facebook any picture, video, or website that peeks their interest. For the heavy internet users, it is often necessary to take bookmarking […]

  • Save Loads of Time With Online Bookmark Managers

    When you think back to the dawning of the internet, it can be amusing to recall how far we have come in terms of connecting to the internet, conducting web searches, and saving bookmarks. So what is all this hoopla about online bookmark managers like Delicious bookmarks? When Delicious bookmarks were introduced in 2003, it […]

  • Instantly Share with Your Friends

    If you have ever had the thrill of finding something exciting, heartwarming, or even creepy on the Internet then you have probably wanted to share with your friends. Sharing information with friends often raises a big question. How do you share with your friends when there are hundreds of individuals you consider friends online? There […]

  • Bookmarking Helps Individuals Get the Most Out of Their Online Experiences

    The internet is a great place for people to find information about all of their favorite topics, no matter how obscure they might be. However, it can be difficult to keep all of that information organized, and if it is not, web experiences will take longer because individuals will have to redo searches to find […]

  • Three of the Best and Easy Cake Hacks

    Listen up, folks. You are going to want to save this delicious bookmark. Do it right now. Go on. Have you done it yet? Did you bookmark this page? This delicious bookmark? Save it to your online bookmark manager? Good. Okay, here are your treats. (See what I did there? I made a cake pun.) […]

  • Facebook Sharing The Evolution of the Consumer Vote

    Voting is not something that only happens every four years. You cast a vote every time you choose one product over another. You cast a vote when you decide to hire this service rather than that one. And whenever you do things like share to Facebook, you cast a vote on the kind of online […]

  • The Cool Convenience of Social Bookmarking

    Looking back on the bookmarks of old, it is amusing to think about the limitations of their archaic designs. For example, if web users wanted to bookmark Yahoo articles, they could not access them from any other computer. To be fair to the past, and give props where they are due, every technology must start […]

  • How You Benefit From Using An Online Bookmark Manager

    You benefit in multiple ways when you use online bookmark managers. How specifically? With an online bookmark manager, you never need to write down the URLs for the websites you have visited recently that you wish to visit again. Instead of finding a pen and paper and of scribbling down the URL address, only to […]