The Cool Convenience of Social Bookmarking

Looking back on the bookmarks of old, it is amusing to think about the limitations of their archaic designs. For example, if web users wanted to bookmark Yahoo articles, they could not access them from any other computer. To be fair to the past, and give props where they are due, every technology must start somewhere before it can be improved. Fortunately, though, those days are far behind, and the computer users of today have an array of choices of free online bookmarks and online bookmark managers through which they can bookmark Yahoo articles, and access them from any computer. Among the many online bookmarks available are Delicious bookmarks, Google bookmarks, Weave, Xmarks, Diigo; and each of these bookmarking sites makes it fast and easy to bookmark Yahoo articles, and even share them with friends.

Although online bookmarks perform the same basic function, which is, of course, to allow web users to bookmark pages and save bookmarks, individual bookmarking websites offer unique options to users. From a marketing perspective, it is vital for each bookmarking tool to offer something new and exciting to web users in order to lure them away from other bookmarks. Since Delicious and Google bookmarks have long been popular among web users, it is vital for newer bookmarking sites to come up with something new that goes beyond being able to, say, bookmark Yahoo articles, Bing Articles, and the like.

One of the most prevalent trends among bookmarking sites is social bookmarking, which, as mentioned above, allows web users to share bookmarks via the most popular social media sites. As such, each of the most popular bookmarking sites today provides some way for users to share with their friends bookmarks in which they might be interested. For instance, if you are browsing Yahoo news and find an article that you want to share to Facebook, you can bookmark Yahoo articles, click on the Facebook share icon, and the article is shared. It is as simple as that. While sharing bookmarks is definitely a cool feature, just the fact that a web user is able to bookmark Yahoo articles, as well as other online articles, and access them from any computer is plenty cool for most people.